Most Common Species of Hummingbirds

There are different Species of Hummingbirds in the world. The hummingbirds are known for their beautiful and vibrant colours and their amazing voices. Surprisingly the male’s hummingbird species are the most colourful.

Hummingbird Species

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1. Ruby-throated hummingbirds
The scientific name of this hummingbird is Archilochus colubris. This is a native breeder in south Canada in the areas of central Alberta east to Nova Scotia. Additionally, the bird can be found in south to central and some eastern part of the United States of America in the North Dakota east to Maine areas. Additionally, it can be found on the south parts of Texas; the birds can travel far to the west as far as California. The ruby-throated hummingbird occupies the largest part of all the northern hummingbird. The male ruby-throated hummingbird has a red throat, an emerald green back, white collar and a forked tail. While the female has a white, black and grey-green banded tail and green back.

2. Allens hummingbird
The scientific name of this hummingbird is the Selasphorus sasin. They are native breeders, and they are historically known to nest in coastal California then during the winter they travel to Mexico. Due to climatic changes, Allen’s hummingbird has been moving to the eastern side of the united states of America during winter. Some of the hummingbirds have been known to remain in California for the whole year. The male Allen hummingbird is distinct as it has a throat that ranges in different colours. From orange-red colour to yellow-orange colour which catches the eye the first time you see the bird. The back has a bright green colour while the rump is rufous, the tail feathers are also rufous tipped in black.

3. Anna’s hummingbird
The scientific name of Anna’s hummingbird is calypte anna. They are also native breeders, and they are historically known to be the west coast species. Weather and climatic changes have forced them to expand their home, and they can be found in the United States of America. This hummingbird is one of the largest and most vocal groups in the USA. The males have dark glossy rose-red throat and crowns. When you look at them in low light, the colour appears to be like a dark purple or black. Their back is metallic green, and the underside is grey in most of the males. The female hummingbird has a light grey chest which has white and red spotting on the throat. They have a greenish back and a white tipped tail.

4. Black-chinned hummingbirds
The scientific name of the bird is Archilochus alexandri, and it is also a native breeder. The bird is originally known to come from the western part, but it can be seen in the eastern part due to weather and climatic changes. The bird can be found in parts of Florida, and both the female and male are very different. The male hummingbird has a shimmering black throat that has purple and pale feathers below which create a beautiful collar. This colour distinction can be seen in perfect lighting, but with no light, the head looks all black. The female hummingbird has a pale colour, but sometimes it has a speckled throat. Her back has green feathers that make the bird look beautiful.

5. Blue-throated hummingbirds
The scientific name of this hummingbird is the lampornis clemenciae, and it is also a native breeder from southwestern united states. Although, some of the hummingbird species have been seen in the eastern states. The hummingbird has a dull green plumage which fades to a medium grey colour on the underside. The bird has white stripes behind the eyes with a narrower stripe that extends backwards from the corner.

Additionally, it has a black cheek patch that makes it look gorgeous. The difference between a male and female blue-throated hummingbird is the fact that the male has a distinct blue throat patch while the female has a grey throat. However, the male throat may appear black or grey when the lighting is poor.

6. Broad-billed hummingbirds
The scientific name of the broad-billed hummingbird is cynathus latirostris which is also a native breeder. The bird is mostly found in Mexico, but they do venture to the united states. The bird can be seen in the southern parts of the united states, but some species can travel to the far north and can be seen in Wisconsin. The male hummingbird has a glossy green colour on the chest and above the chest. Additionally, he has a deep blue throat with a slender and straight red beak with a black tip. While the female hummingbird is not as colourful as the male. Her belly, chest and throat have a medium to light grey colour. Additionally, she has a white stripe on both of her eyes.

7. Calliope hummingbirds
The scientific name of the calliope hummingbird is the stellular calliope, and they are also native breeders. The hummingbird nests in California, and they migrate to the south or east during the winter season. This is the smallest breeding bird around North America, and the upper plumage of the male and female has a glossy green colour with a creamy white colour on the underside. This bird has a relatively short beak as compared to other hummingbirds. The difference between the male and female is the throat colour. The male has a white throat that has elongated throat feathers which form wine red or purple streaks. While the female has a white throat with dark streaks.

The hummingbird is common and well known for its beautiful voice and colour. There are different hummingbird species around the world.